Mayo FG Reps Should Fight for Pyrite Redress

Fine Gael representatives in Mayo need to apply pressure to their colleagues in Cabinet to sign off on the Pyrite Redress scheme, as time is of the essence in order to facilitate necessary repairs.

With the onset of spring and summer, the only opportunity that householders have to arrange for necessary repairs to be carried out is fast approaching. Complex external structural work can only be completed in relatively good weather. I have seen many of the affected houses and I can testify that many of them will not last another winter.

Last year, I held up a photo in the Seanad showing the damage that one stormy night can do to a house that was already showing the signs of Pyrite-related defects. Many houses around County Mayo are in this precarious state. The homeowners need certainty. They need a date. They need to plan and prepare.

The situation seems even more ridiculous when Minister Eoghan Murphy recently told my party leader that the only thing that was holding up the redress scheme was the need to ‘finalise the details’. I have seen the houses, Government Minsters have seen the houses – hurry up!

I am therefore calling on all Mayo representatives, particularly those who are in cabinet or who regularly tell us that they have the ear of the Government, to act now on the homeowners behalf. I certainly don’t want to be highlighting more cases of houses, where the redress scheme has come too late.