Keep Covid-19 Out of Nursing Homes

Keeping COVID-19 out of nursing homes has to be a priority for government. Control measures are essential and preventing transmission to patients is paramount.

Staff in nursing homes are again testing positive for COVID-19 and I solicited the views from medical professionals in the Covid-19 Committee as to how we can avoid a second wave in these care homes. What can we do to protect elderly vulnerable residents from dying?

According to Professor Sam McConkey of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, “We’ve got to, in my view, keep the community rates down because if they get up even as high as they are now in Ireland, they will inevitably spread into nursing homes and causing outbreaks.”

Nursing homes must get all the resources and clinical guidance they need. Residents and their families must have full confidence in the measures undertaken. Transparency and ongoing communication is vital to maintain this confidence.