345 Mayo Homes Waiting for Energy Upgrades

I am concerned about the elderly people and those on lower incomes who have not had planned energy upgrades made to their homes this year due to the Covid-19 crisis. They are now set to be hit with higher fuel bills due to the carbon tax increase.  

In Mayo, 345 homes are waiting listed for the Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme”, making it the second worst by head of population and the fourth longest behind Dublin, Cork and Galway*.

This is a vital sustainability scheme that aims to reduce energy costs for those who can least afford them, through the installation of insulation, lagging jackets or heating upgrades.

However, due to Covid-19 restrictions this year, a backlog of over 7,300 has now developed under this scheme according to information Sinn Féin have received from the Minister.

Given the fact that approximately 3,000 homes are completed each year, this amounts to a backlog of almost two and a half years work.

In the absence of these planned works, many vulnerable people won’t have energy upgrades made to their homes anytime soon and are now facing a cold winter with higher energy bills.

This will be compounded by the decision to increase the carbon tax by 29%, which will push up fuel prices.

Combined with the increase in the electricity PSO and price hikes from energy providers, people will be facing a three-pronged attack in energy costs at the time they can least afford it.

We have called for the government to change tact when it comes to the carbon tax. Financially penalising people who have no alternatives is only going to make their situation worse.

We’ve called for an energy price freeze and highlighted the impact the PSO increase is going to have on workers and families.

The government this week announced millions more for retrofitting in the budget but, while welcome and much-needed, this funding is of no use if the work isn’t being done on the ground.

This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency, given the time of year and the impact the cold weather will have on those living in poorly insulated homes this winter.

*The table below (received as the response to Parliamentary Question No. 191 of 6 October 2020 to the Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications) sets out the number of homes on the Warmer Homes Scheme work programme by county as of 30 September 2020 that are 1) currently undergoing works, 2) have been allocated to contractors for works, 3) have completed an initial home survey and are awaiting allocation to a contractor, or 4) are awaiting the initial survey of their home.

Waiting list by County (County/No. of Homes)

Co. Carlow 74
Co. Cavan 96
Co. Clare 132
Co. Cork 698
Co. Donegal 337
Co. Dublin 2302
Co. Galway 353
Co. Kerry 225
Co. Kildare 254
Co. Kilkenny 95
Co. Laois 79
Co. Leitrim 87
Co. Limerick 236
Co. Longford 66
Co. Louth 154
Co. Mayo 345
Co. Meath 238
Co. Monaghan 67
Co. Offaly 120
Co. Roscommon 126
Co. Sligo 116
Co. Tipperary 262
Co. Waterford 195
Co. Westmeath 155
Co. Wexford 290
Co. Wicklow 231
Total: 7333