Government will pay the price for turning its back on Mayo and the West

Shock tremors have been vibrating throughout Rural Ireland since the new government’s Cabinet appointments were announced. Not one senior Minister for the Western Seaboard. Our region was snubbed, shunned, slighted, spurned, and disrespected.

This exposes the insincerity of FF/FG/Greens for the Atlantic Economic Corridor and the necessary infrastructure to underpin this concept.

In reality, we should not be surprised since the West and Mayo have been treated badly with regularity over the past century by the two Civil War parties. Lofty words followed by inaction have been the norm. 

I extend my commiserations to our veteran Mayo TDs, Michael Ring and Dara Calleary. While we don’t always see eye-to-eye, they have always been earnest and hardworking.  They must have been very disappointed at yesterday’s outcome.

The shuffling of important briefs to create disjointed departments caused additional earthquakes. The Department of Rural Affairs was dissolved and has been thrust in with Social Protection. Is the Taoiseach trying to tell us that ‘rural’ means ‘welfare region’. He would be wrong. The people of the West and Mayo want to grow and develop with job creation and economic rejuvenation.

Then, the Taoiseach and his advisers must have run out of steam (and common sense) when they ‘shoehorned’ the Gaeltacht in with Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sports. However, the most bizarre appointment is the ‘Marine’ brief to a TD from a landlocked county.

Rewarding cronies for helping him achieve his dream of becoming Taoiseach was obviously more important than equality, fairness and logic.”Well, let me assure you that I will be fierce in delivering for Mayo what Mayo needs and deserves. I will work with Oireachtas members and Councillors from all parties and none. I can also guarantee you that Sinn Féin will be ferocious and tireless in Opposition.