Government Acceptance of Sinn Féin Pyrite/Mica Motion welcome

I commend all those from the county who took the fight for a 100% redress scheme for Pyrite/Mica homes to Dublin on Tuesday.

During the Sinn Féin Motion in the Dáil, I spoke about how proud I am proud of all the Mayo people who are fighting back. They who have been working for years for fairness and equity with the original pyrite remediation scheme in the East. They will not let the government treat them as second class citizens.

I welcome the government’s acknowledgement that the current scheme is not fit for purpose and that changes will be made.  However, I am concerned that while they did not oppose the motion, they did not yet explicitly commit to 100% redress. 

Minister O’Brien has now estimated the total cost to be in the region of €2.5 billion. Our motion called for the government to ensure that those responsible for this scandal are held to account. And to ensure and that the industry contributes to the overall costs of reinstating homes and buildings.  The Taoiseach has said he will consult the Attorney General in this regard. I welcome this. But it should have been done =eight years ago when the problem of pyrite first came to light.

It is regrettable that it so many families have had to suffer for so many years.  Years they will never get back.  This nightmare must now be brought to end without further delays.

In my Dáil contribution, I commended the tireless work and dedication of Josephine Murphy, Dorothy Keane, Michael Healy and others in the original action group. Without them, there would be no scheme to amend, as well as Lauren Devers and Jamie Lee Donnelly who are doing trojan work.